Sunday, December 29, 2013

Update on Chester's illness and recovery

If you follow me on Facebook, then you know we had a drama over Christmas. If you don't follow me there, I'll update you quickly.

On Christmas Eve, Chester got sick with what I thought was a hairball. Now, my mommacat sensors went off because Chester doesn't get hairballs; Milly does. But I cleaned it up and went to bed. When we woke up Christmas day, Chester seemed fine so we took off for Christmas dinner. We got back late that night and Chester seemed okay but when we fed him, he didn't keep it down though he wasn't lethargic and he went back to eating and kept that down. It was really weird.

We kept an eye on him and he got in bed with us. The next morning, he seemed okay again but couldn't keep dinner down so hubby called Paws Around Town, who said they would stop by around noon. I'm so glad he did because by the time they got there, Chester was lethargic.

After three shots in the bum and some medication that I can't seem to give to Chester under any circumstances (he even laughs when he sees the pill pockets) Chester has been stoned on meclizine since Christmas. He's recovering very well and Hubby and I finally slept through the night comfortably last night :)

But like any good cat parent, I took pictures of Chester while stoned. So here is a pictorial of the Chester's recovery:

After his shots, Chester rested quietly in my lap while I shopped at Loose Id's After Christmas sale.
Notice that Milly was very close by. This was how they were all day.

Mom, I haven't forgiven you for the shot in the bum. 

That moment when you realize you ate the high calorie cat paste and it tasted goooooooood.

I totally forgot where I am.

Milly watching over lil bro.

Thanks Mom and Dad for watching over me. 
But please, stop watching me use the sandbox. 
It's sort of embarrassing.

Huge thanks to everyone who prayed for Chester and sent good wishes his way. He's recovering very well now!


  1. I'm glad he's improving!! Did they tell you what was wrong with him?!? So scary when our fur kids get sick.

    1. The vet wasn't sure what was wrong but she kinda treated him for everything, meaning he got a shot of antibiotics and B-vitamins in addition to the meclizine.

      I was going to say 2013 is what's wrong with him. This year has sucked.

    2. I hear ya - my December hasn't been a lot of fun. I'm feeling particularly decrepit right now.