Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Some sad news about Chester...

My heart is really heavy as I write this. Chester possibly has FIV - Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.

We're still trying to piece together all of Chester's data, trying to figure out if he has been vaccinated against this, which would cause him to test falsely positive. His previous vet has changed her business and she's a visiting vet now so she's looking into her old records for the info. The vaccine is controversial for a few reasons but one is that he would test positive for the rest of his life. I remember discussing this with the vet but I can't remember if we actually got him vaccinated.

It doesn't matter for Chester right now because he's young and great health. Great white blood cell count and the only reason we tested is because he dropped one pound for no reason. Milly dropped nearly three pounds for no reason too so at this vet visit, I was the hovering cat parent. The doctor and vet tech came here so we were all three packed in my bathroom surrounding the cats and I was sweating. Yeah I'm sure that didn't scare the shit out of the cats.

Milly was tested and is negative. The reason this is important is that when we reviewed the risks of the vaccine and since Chester was the wanderer, we may have given him the vaccine. I just can't remember. If he does have FIV, we will have to get her vaccinated. I know cats in the same household don't fight. I just don't want to take the chance.

FIV is similar to HIV in that it takes years to develop and Chester is 7 years old. He has many healthy years ahead of him but I have to be extra careful with him. If he's sick, there is no waiting around. I have to take him into the vet for treatment straight away. Like me, except mine is a people doctor. :)

So TL;DR - Chester has a sickie, almost like me. I was born with my propensity toward immune issues. Chester acquired his through a cat bite in 2010. We're a pair but at least we have hubby and Milly to take care of us.

My mom said I don't get a guarantee of having everything work out in life. All I can do is make the choices I feel are best and just keep going.