Friday, February 26, 2010

Hi all! I've decided to blog about something I know pretty well and that's video games! My husband and I play them on a regular basis and for some of your gamers out there, I do some shout-outs in my books about them.

I'm also available for questions about video games, if you want to include them in your story or if you'd like advisement if it's suitable for children.

I have a long list of games to review that we've played already but I'll start off with one my husband just finished:

Mass Effect 2
Console played on: PS3
Consoles available on: XBOX 360, PC
Rating: M
Play time: 80+
Genre: RPG/Shooter

First off, I want to say this game's story line is gripping. I've seen some story lines where I get lost very easily since I tend to bounce around a lot between work and writing. On this one, there were a lot of sub plots (missions) that were quick and I could get a quick update on what was going on in the story.

Another great option (especially since I'm definitely an equal opportunity gamer) is you can play as a girl. In the game, you are named Shepard (your last name) so the fact you are female doesn't come into play except for dating options.

Oddly enough, one of the most enjoyable and challenging parts of the game was the mining part. You have to travel to planets in the Milky Way and mine them. On each planet, you can pull mineral deposits off in four categories that are needed supplies. Warning to people who are OCD, this is ADDICTING! :D

A couple of the sub-plots are racy in their undertones. You seduce a female, only to draw her back to her apartment for your team to kill. On top of it, the person you kill is your teammate's daughter. So this game's M rating is definitely deserved.

All in all, this game was enjoyable if you like a shooter/action game with elements of a RPG. You don't have to play the first Mass Effect game, which is nice. This one has a mini movie at the beginning to bring you up to speed on the plot line (ETA: You have to purchase the game new to see that). With well fleshed out characters, we are definitely looking forward to playing Mass Effect 3 when it comes out.

Questions? Please leave a comment :)