Sunday, November 6, 2016

November Update!

I think I need to start doing updates and less cat picture posting. Okay, maybe not less cat pictures, but at least updates:

Good: finished a bunch of work today. Yay!

Better: finished watching The Crown. Not only visually stunning, but characters and the characters were relatable. Brilliant writing and the supporting cast was perfect.

Best: had dinner with my dad and stepmom. Talked biz and gave them pressies from Vegas. Dad loved his keychain from Caesars #giftsyouredoingitright

Bad: having a liver ultrasound after blood tests came back with high liver enzymes. Hoping at best it's just my thyroid out of balance or at worst that it's just a gallbladder.

Worst: the lovely calico down the street has gone missing. There were posters up when I came home from dinner. Bless her heart, I hope she comes home soon. She's so friendly and sweet.

I hope everyone is done voting with early or absentee ballots. I wouldn't want to be in Election Day lines!

Edit: the calico made it back!

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