Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chester Toland (2006-April 28th, 2014)

It's with a very heavy heart that I write this eulogy for a wonderful cat, Chester Toland. When he came to us with his little sister, he was a handful. They were both still teenage kitties with lots of bounce and love to give. The first time my hubby saw Chester, he strolled up the driveway complaining about his food bowl being empty and my husband was in love.

Milly and Chester were a birthday present to myself, one that kept giving with love and devotion. We hated to vacation and opted to stay at home with them to relax and cuddle, because their healing purr always made anything better.

Last year, we found out Chester was FIV+ but it didn't slow him down. He still pounced on his little sister with all the ferociousness he always had. While we had a few scares, he still carried on with dignity and grace through it all. He never let on that he was in pain and even when we got the news, Chester had hopped on the bench next to me. Before the vet came in, he sat beside me and put his paws on my leg, as if to say, "It'll be okay, Mum." I take those moments with me now.

A few years ago, I'd read that in order to promote your brand as an author, you should blog about your passion and what you know. I figured I could blog about being a CEO and being in charge but that would get boring after a while (blah, I preach enough at work) but something that brings me great joy is my cats. I already had over a thousand pictures of them so why not share?

Once a week sharing pics became an extravaganza of adoration. I would upload them and feel pure joy every time.

This last picture shows how much he adored me and his dad. He was lovey like this with everyone, even the vets who gave him a shot in the bum. Except little sister, because she always reminded him that he was full of poop. :)

Yesterday, Chester received his angel wings and I asked him to say hi to everyone we've lost. I'm sure they will take care of him and he will give them the love we received from him for these eight brilliant years.

We love you, baby boy. Milly, Daddy and I will take good care of each other.

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  1. *BIG HUG* So sorry to hear about Chester. :(

    1. *huge hug* It's heartbreaking to bear the news. I've been amazed by the outpouring of love and caring from everyone.