Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blurring the lines between genders... Persona 4 Arena review

If you've been watching my tweets, I've been playing Persona 4 Arena with my husband. Okay.. he's been playing the video game, I've been nursing a really bad cat scratch. (Only click those links if you are not squeamish) but part of the scratch got infected and now I'm wearing a cling wrap over a medicated pad. (ouch.)

Anyway, watching this game (which I highly recommend) has been a joy! I loved it, revisiting all the characters and even some new ones. In Persona 4, there was a beloved character named Naoto Shirogane, a pint-sized ace detective who carried on the family name by training for the police force.

Naoto blurred the line between genders and not just because she worked with the police. Born a girl with big shoes to fill as she carried on the family name in the detective business, she blurs the gender lines passing for a boy. And the town bad boy Kanji Tatsumi is attracted to Naoto, which confuses him and opens up his own deep-seated doubts about his personality and sexuality.

We don't get to see enough of them in Persona 4 and Persona 4 Arena is just another taste of these multifaceted characters. So anyway, this game is highly recommended by me! :)


  1. Sounds like a very cool game. :)

    :( about your cat scratch getting infected.

  2. Ok, I couldn't resist sharing this kilt picture with you. :)

    1. Guh! Are you trying to kill me? :D That's so hot.

    2. Drat! My dastardly plan, foiled!

    3. Not foiled, just recognized. :D You can keep them... coming :)