Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kitties! Special Chester Story!

So Chester has been especially cuddly to me since I haven't been feeling well. I swear I should just book an appointment with my doctor if Chester gets cuddly, but how can I explain that my cat cuddling me is a sign that I'm sick? Next on Diagnosed by Dr. Cheddar....

Anyway, I was resting and he crawled into bed with me and I had to take some pictures because he got under the covers and cuddled to me...

Oh Hai Mum!

Well then, he settled down next to me because every time we put a blanket over him, he can't find his way out. So then I sent this text to Kele Moon...

Well after chatting with Kele, I took the blanket off him but he didn't leave. And no, I didn't call him dumb. He's a lovely, sweet and precious cat.

That little bro of mine, he falls for every trick in the book.
Even the treat trick Mum plays on him works every time. 
*sigh* When will he learn?


  1. Love the pictures of him. My mom sometimes watches a dog that likes to sleep under the covers at the foot of the bed. All night. She constantly worries he'll suffocate, but so far so good.

    Maybe Chester will start sleeping there all the time.

    1. My old dog Pepper used to sleep under the blankets all the time. He never suffocated :)

      Milly sleeps under the blankets and sometimes Chester cuddles her through the blankets. It's too cute! :)