Thursday, January 3, 2013

Well, that was quick... and bad news.

Every time I look at this, I laugh :)

Last Friday I got the news that my biopsy results were back and the cells they found in the nodule were malignant. It was a real shock, one because I wasn't expecting any news until January 24th and two.. well because I thought this wasn't serious. 

As funny as the picture above is, cancer is pretty serious. I don't really have even a definitive diagnosis yet since the surgeon is still reviewing my case. I've been told I need to get clearance for surgery, which I don't think will be a problem but it's looming in the future and everything is up in air. 

I've been dealing with all this by cracking jokes all the time, which has unfortunately upset my husband. I haven't even told my dad yet, since he's in Canada on the ski slopes. I told him. :( I would have prepared him but I didn't think I would get any information about my biopsy. But that's how I deal with all this, besides writing.

Not to sound like a broken record... but more information when I get it. Laterz!


  1. Always in my thoughts my friend.... HUGS HARD XXXXX

  2. Best of luck, I hope everything goes ok.
    Btw, I am with you on making jokes when I am nervous/scared. I had a thyroid cancer scare in my 20's and made a lot of jokes, not all that my family thought was funny.

    1. I know. My hubby gets very sad when I make jokes. So does my dad now. :(

  3. Huge hugs.... Love ya! An thinking about you all the time :)