Friday, October 12, 2012

The last leg of my journey... or also known as the THIRD LEG!

Day 9: Our last full day in Southport...

Yeah, I wish.

I've given up on sex and writing. So souvenir shopping can take the place of that, right?


How about instead some really fucking amazing Italian food? We go to a place called Prezzos and we have a wonderful lunch. Highly recommended.

It's our last day in Southport and the whole time, other than seeing hubby's Grandparents, we haven't been into the City Centre. I can't tell you how mad I am about this but damn, it's a big reason I came to England.

I'm sorta pissed but there's nothing I can do now. We rush about getting last minute souvenirs and then head to hubby's mum's house for a delish dinner and down the hatch go my methotrexate pills.

I'm out of coffee creamers too so it's time to head for home.

Meep. :(

Day 10: Now it's time to say goodbye... October 4

You're not leaving, right?

Yeah. It's time to start our journey back home. We're all packed. I'm going to miss my lovely MIL but I'm not coming back until we can have a door. Minimum requirement. :)

Anyway, we drag our bags back to the Rail and low and behold, our train breaks down. (Or at least that's what they said because that bitch booked out of there when we vacated the train)

So stuck on a platform with all the rest of our train goers, we wait for the next train with our load of bags. Now, once we board the train, a woman with a pram (stroller) grabs the area reserved for priority seating for those who have mobility needs.

She acted like we weren't there (even though my husband was stumbling around with his cane) and when I asked her to move, she ignored me. I really lost my temper on her and my husband had to hold me back, which turned into a wrestling match with him when his bad knee gave way as the train took off. I almost left the train in a fit of rage at the next stop but waiting another fifteen minutes would only put a crimp in our travel plans.

Anyway, she left but had much difficulty getting off the train since our bags had magically boxed her in. *innocent whistle* When my husband sat down, his poor knee wouldn't bend. I almost had a screaming fit.

(Note: when I'm on my methotrexate day, because I'm not feeling well, I tend to get angry easier. I usually fairly easy going.)

Anyway, the rest of the train ride wasn't too bad but the Midland trains seemed to run late and break down every time we rode on them, even when I headed to meet up with RJ Scott.

AND OMG!! I met RJ! *spin*

It was lovely to meet her and her family, even though I was totally knackered from traveling. I wish I had pictures but my phone was lost in my bag and dude, I wasn't thinking straight on my methotrexate.

While I was hanging with RJ, hubby was hanging with his BFF. It was good to see Little Dave. :)

Day 11: Sorta boring but a welcome boring. October 5

After a yummy brekkie, I go back to bed for more sleep. I'm exhausted and thirsty. Hubby brings me back two massive bottles of Evian and I officially love him!!! :D

Who knew my love could be bought so cheaply?

So now that I know the value of a door, I will treasure them always. :) I took a big nap and then got ready for a dinner out with Hubby's dad and family.

It's been six years and my hubby's brother and sister are so big now! They're teenagers and... oh god, they all know about my writing. *hides under the table* I don't think I've ever turned that red. I guess hubby's dad asked for help in googling me.

No worries! We have a forward thinking family. I think. :D

Day 12: London bound. Oct 6

After waking up and having another nommie brekkie buffet (and sneaking a sausage sandwich back to the room for hubby) we head out to London for our last full day in England. We're alone in First Class on the train all the way to Euston and we chat about missing home all the way down.

I mention his man cave and he rattles on about it and I agree with him. Except that last part wasn't "Fortress of Divinity", instead he said "Fortress of Virginity" Anyway, I pointed out that wasn't true because it's been a long time since he was a virgin and he has a bad ass man cave.

Anyway, at London Euston, I nearly was run over by a crazy cabbie but I had three bags and a purse. Fucking bite me, okay? Don't mess with Texas.

So we go to the Intercontinental Park Lane. O.O Wow. I've stayed in some nice hotels but nothing like this. I kept thinking we were in the wrong hotel. But this hotel was WOW. Like Pretty Woman... except I'm not a hooker. Wait, I think I wrote a book like that.

The bar. We tend to see a lot of bars in our travels.

Anyway, I rest up for the fabulous dinner we have planned at Shogun's. So much has changed in my life since I was here last. I got married, wrote a book, lost my mom, my aunt and two grandparents, my sister, and a cousin. And this place doesn't look any different and the menu is still fabulous and I almost made myself sick again eating all that was on my plate.

Last time, we stayed in the hotel the restaurant is attached to. Tonight, we stayed in super luxury. And life will continue to change but it's good to know, some things will stay the same.

Day 13: Heading home! YAY!#!@! Oct 7

I haven't been this excited to see my home since... well my last vacation. Let's face it. We're homebodies. My idea of a vacation is shutting off my phone and checking my messages when I feel like it. So no more trips to... wait. I'm going to GRL.

I'M GOING TO GRL!?!?! I forgot about this. It's nine days away. 9 DAYS AWAY!?!

Oh God. Well it's 6am London time and I keep thinking it's 1am Orlando time. Fuck. Well anyway, we head to Gatwick and got on a broken train. *sigh* but we made it there. We go upstairs to the First Class check-in and we have our tickets.

I swear to goodness, traveling first class out of Gatwick is worth it for the special security checkpoint. We were the only ones in there and there was jazzy music playing. Snazz!

Anyway, we hit the first class lounge where I starting on my foraging for the day with Eggs Benedict. Yum! I also do a little bit of shopping for everyone, including Mary Calmes. :)

When I come back, I ask how much longer it will be until the Orlando flight boards, because it's nearly boarding time on our pass. The lady says not for another half hour. Well that's odd. I should have just gone at the point so we could have a leisurely stroll and board when we felt like it but I listened to her.

BIG MISTAKE! We almost missed our flight!

When we leave the lounge, it says the gate is closed. We thought "That can't be right" so hubby starts running with his cane but I can't keep up. I tell him to run ahead and let them know to hold the plane.

They were calling our names for us to check in or risk the plane leaving. Anyway, we are the last people to get scanned in but it took me a few minutes to catch my breath. I had no time to get situated before we took off. I was mad.

And then we are leaving and flying in the air! Bye London.

Why is Titanic on this map?
I know my boy is from Liverpool, but seriously...

Across from us, there was a couple and they reminded me of Hubby and I but twenty years from now. They were cutie!

Next to them was a gay couple that was adorable! I hearted them!

As nice as first class was, it's still nine hours in a tin can. No matter what you do, you're still trapped up there with not much to do.

Except maybe eat scones?

Fortunately, I took it out on my manuscript.

For eight hours, I pounded away at my computer and I'm so close to being done with Dangerous Submission. I'm loving these changes!

But I loved being home with my kitties even more! I missed them so much. OMG. Love them!

4362 miles since my last check-in? Holy shit!

Again, they knew right away it was me and Cheddar started meowing and Milly wouldn't come out until she knew it was me.


GRL! OMG. It's nearly here!

Good thing I have swag! :)

All in all, at the end of the day, it's good to be back home. There was so much to do and so much to see. I love seeing my MIL (I promise to be a good DIL) and Father-in-Law and Nan and Grandad and BFFs. It's good to go but it's so nice to come back home.

That's all folks! :D Tune in next time, which is hopefully a long time from now, when Lori goes on vacation and does whatever the fuck she wants to do! :D Sayonara! 


  1. LOL! Looking forward to meeting you soonishly. :)

  2. Ahh! Me too! And the iron pills seriously helped. I'm taking a vitamin C/iron that is amazing.