Thursday, September 20, 2012

Are you a zero?

Recently I blogged about the latest release in the Persona series, Persona 4 Arena, which is a cool combat game. I've been madly in love with this series since I picked up Persona 3, which was so awesome. I highly recommend all the games, put out by Atlas because they are so well thought out, game engine wise and story wise too.

They recently released the Persona 4 Animation series and of course the story line is condensed from the game but at the beginning they explain the basis of the whole story, which centers around the tarot deck.

Each character in the game as well as the anime has a "Persona" that fights on their behalf in battle and they represent one of the cards in the major arcana. From the Magician to the Star, they fight with their Personas alongside you.

But you are special. You are a Zero, the Fool Arcana. You see, the Major Arcana starts not at 1 but at zero, the Fool Arcana. It is full of possibilities, the beginning of a journey. It ends at the World, with every card along the way a part of the journey.

So far, the anime is awesome, almost as good as the game. But these games always make me think about my life and become introspective. I started writing again, needing an outlet after I played Persona 4. I started on a new journey.

People use "zero" as an insult but zero is void of limits, a blank slate and a new beginning. I'm proud to say I'm a zero. Are you?

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