Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I visited the vampire yesterday...

Yesterday I gave blood as I do every 56 days but yesterday was different. I gave double red blood cells with these new machines that put your plasma back in along with saline. It was really cool but I forgot that I can taste most saline when it's injected into me and boy, it turned my stomach fast. Once the phlebotomist got me a juice I was okay. :)

But the machine is really cool. They filter your blood so they only take your red blood cells. The only issue I had was I got a headache after donating but that's pretty normal with me. I always have a headache for some reason. Any doctors out there wanna chime in with why that might be?

Either way, I'm O- so I'm a universal donor and in an emergency, anyone can get my blood. So I give what I can! :) My next date with the machine is in 4 months so I'll be back, but just whole blood this time. I'm looking a bit pale today :)


  1. I have never heard of that before. I used to donate every 3 months, but since I got pregnant and had my little one, my iron is low and they won't let me. :(
    Hope you feel better. :)

    1. Oh no, Tina :( I'm sorry to hear that.

      I'm feeling better today but still a little dizzy. I'm gonna take it easy for a couple days. Thanks :)